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#1  Zooo
Status: Zooo is Paying
Added: 30.01.2015
Payout: 3% weekly for 1000 days - instant withdrawal!
Min deposit: $50
Max deposit: $700
Our investment: $60
Referral: 1
Return: 383%
Monitored: 785 days
Show Zooo Details is a professionally managed group of skilful traders. Our primary job is to help our members profit. We are professionals and we have developed a system that will allow you to profit handsomely. It includes defined risk and suggested money management which are both required for consistent profits and capital preservation. Currency markets are highly speculative and volatile in nature. Any currency can become very expensive or very cheap in relation to any or all other currencies in a matter of days, hours or sometimes minutes. This exact volatile nature of the currencies is what attracts an investor to trade and invest in the currency market. Investing your money in a fixed deposit account of a bank is relatively safer. Each investor should examine their allowable risk and keep it within a reasonable amount he or she can easily afford to lose.
Status: Online Investment is Paying
Online Investment
Added: 18.02.2014
Payout: 3% daily for 365 days
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $100000
Our investment: $130
Referral: 5
Return: 538%
Monitored: 1131 days
Show Online Investment Details
At Online Investment, each one of us keenly wants to make a superior difference. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has diversified its investments in Gold, Silver, Bond, Hedge Funds, Stock trading, Forex and Mining in both domestic and international markets. Our objective is to maximize shareholder value by identifying superior investment opportunities in markets around the world.
Status: Allworldhyip Faucet Box is Paying
Allworldhyip Faucet Box
Added: 3.12.2015
Payout: You'll Get 50 satoshi every 2000 minutes!
Min deposit: $0
Max deposit: n/a
Our investment: $130
Referral: 10%
Return: 7692%
Monitored: 478 days
Show Allworldhyip Faucet Box Details
You'll Get 50 satoshi every 2000 minutes! Just Input Your Bitcoin Address!
#3  Table Bitcoin
Status: Problem
Table Bitcoin
Added: 28.02.2017
Payout: up to 0.88% hourly forever. 9000% after 25 days. and vip plan : 7000% after 4 days
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $2500000
Our investment: $60
Referral: 5 level : 5%-2%-1%-1%-1%
Return: 83%
Monitored: 25 days
Table Bitcoin Limited is a long term, stable and profitable investment company. Currently we have a number of profitable areas, such as Forex market trading Stock market trading, Cryptocurrency market trading and investing in various funds and activities. we pay Up to 0.88% hourly forever. 9000% after 25 days. and VIP Plan : 7000% after 4 days. 5 Level Referral program : 5%-2%-1%-1%-1%. We accepted: Bitcoin,Perfect Money and Payeer. Instant Withdrawal. Registered Company. All payment Guaranteed. Join now !
Status: Paying
International Reserve System
Added: 29.07.2016
Payout: 20%
Min deposit: $100
Max deposit: $7000
Our investment: $100
Referral: 8%
Return: 20%
Monitored: 239 days
International Reserve System is a community of people united by one purpose - the construction of an alternative financial system using Bitcoin as a payment unit.
Status: Paying
Added: 11.01.2017
Payout: up to 400% after 5 days
Min deposit: $50
Max deposit: $100000
Our investment: $60
Referral: 5%
Return: 117%
Monitored: 73 days is a quite young and promising company on the cryptocurrency investment market. We are looking for integrated solutions for successful investments in equipment and organization the process of crypto trading and crypto currency gathering known as mining. Since 2016, the company forms the core backbone of Bitcoin, ensuring the digital currency's integrity and successfully trades through exchange platforms.
#6  PokerAdv
Status: Paying
Added: 10.12.2015
Payout: 0.4-1.3% daily for 30-180 days ( principal)
Min deposit: $25
Max deposit: n/a
Our investment: $30
Referral: 1%
Return: 50%
Monitored: 471 days
PokerAdv is an advanced Poker Robot system which is earning money for you 24/7/365. No need to learn poker to earn money from online gambling! Let the professionals work for you! Start with as low as $25. Affiliate program to share profits with your friends. Multiple convenient deposit
#7  EcoCoins
Status: Paying
Added: 25.10.2016
Payout: 1.30-4.00%
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: n/a
Our investment: $30
Referral: 3.15%
Return: 17%
Monitored: 151 days
Our Company has developed an own low-cost way of Bitcoin mining. We invest into green energy to power server farms for Bitcoin mining to have an extra-profit. Installation of solar panels and wind turbines requires just an one-time investments, which inaddition to choosing proper climatic conditions ensure a quick return of investments.
#8  Gcprofits Inc
Status: Paying
Gcprofits Inc
Added: 21.10.2015
Payout: 1-5% daily for 365 days
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $50000
Our investment: $30
Referral: 5%
Return: 267%
Monitored: 521 days
International Gcprofits Inc is a secure investment project composed by a group of experienced mature certified financial professionals and market analysts. Our aim is to chart a winning course for our clients through growing and preserving their assets regardless of economic condition. Working since 2010 we know that world markets are not friendly environment for an inexperienced investor. That's why we offer you our help, based on our knowledge and trading software, that proves its reliability day by day. After this years of professional trading we have joined our skills, knowledge and talents in the effort to bring a new reliable investment opportunity. As the result of careful planning and joint work emerged TC Invest, a reliable Medium-term investment project, that offers great returns along with professional approach and security.
#9  DeltaInvest
Status: Paying
Added: 9.03.2017
Payout: 2% - 3.5% daily
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $250000
Our investment: $30
Referral: 6% - 10%
Return: 17%
Monitored: 16 days
Delta International Investments Limited is an established company of professional traders in the field of real estate, stocks, bonds and cryptocurrency industry. Invest with DeltaInvest to earn up to 3.5% profit daily.
Status: Paying
Added: 24.03.2017
Payout: 15% hourly for 10 hours,10% hourly for 30 hours,210% after 1 day,500% after 3 days,2500% after 10 days,8888% after 30 days
Min deposit: $1
Max deposit: $100000
Our investment: $30
Referral: 7%
Return: 0%
Monitored: 1 days
We are a company dealing with all aspects related to coffee (such as manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution as well as research on varieties). Our staff works on the market for many, many years, but only now decided to act online allowing people from around the world to participate in this profitable and stable project.